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Incentive program 2

Vega just announced new incentivized program (official instruction).

For participation you should execute the following steps not later than Dec, 5th, 23:59 UTC


Up to 3000 VEGA tokens between all participants will be given away to those who have successfully registered and completed the incentive tasks. In case of more than 300 successful participants, a live raffle in Fairground Jam will be held to determine 300 winners that are rewarded with 10 VEGA each.


If you are registered already for last incentive and are still using the same wallet you are automatically registered for this incentive as well.

If you are new (or you changed your VEGA wallet), you will need to tweet a message with a signature from your 0.9.2 (or later) Vega Wallet.

1) Go to

2) Select connect wallet, then HOSTED, then create
3.1) type “sign message” in the SEARCH field
3.2) enter your twitter handle
3.3) tweet this
3.4) After tweet check yourself here:

Incentive program Participation

  • Nominate testnet VEGA to at least one validator on the token site. (You can get testnet VEGA from faucet on console)
  • Wait for at least a full epoch with your stake distributed
  • Wait for another 3 epochs to unlock the rewards
  • Withdraw testnet VEGA rewards
  • Associate and nominate your rewards to a validator

Incentive program 1

Vega just announced new incentivized testnet. (official instruction)

For participation you should execute the following steps not later than Nov, 4th, 23:59


1) Go to ROPSTEN faucets and get at least 5 ETH to your account

2) Go to

3) Select connect wallet, then HOSTED, then create
4.1) type “sign message” in the SEARCH field
4.2) enter your twitter handle
4.3) tweet this
4.4) After tweet check yourself here:
5) Select vega asset in a wallet
6) Once you get Ropsten ETH click Get Vega -> MM approve


1) Go to
2) Connect ММ Ropsten, connect Vega wallet, specify the  and your credentials from the previous section.
3) Associate tokens / Wallet / 5 VEGA / and MM approve
4) Stake 1 VEGA to 5 validators
5) Tokens will be staked at the beginning of a new epoch (epoch is approximately 2 hours)
6) After you should concentrate 5 VEGA at one validator


Vega Testnet invites you to play with Vega Console market.
You can install local or hosted wallet and console.
This guide covers OS Windows local wallet installation

1. Installation of local vegawallet and console

Download corresponding vegawallet for your Operating System:


Unpack archive to folder of your choice (we will go with Downloads in this guide).
Press Win+R, enter cmd in opened window, press Enter. This will open windows Terminal.
In Terminal we need to navigate to path where your vegawallet.exe is placed after unarchiving (Downloads in our case) and run it, to do so enter next commands in Terminal:

cd Downloads

You will see output like this:

Next we generate new wallet with name “NodesGuru”:

vegawallet genkey -n "NodesGuru"

When entered, you will be promted to enter your password for new wallet:

Write down your public and private keys.

For your comfort, pubkey can be aliased with custom name, f.e. “NodesGuruKey”:

vegawallet meta --metas="name:NodesGurukey" --name="NodesGuru" --pubkey="здесь ваш паблик ключ из предыдущего шага"

Next we connect to test nodes:

vegawallet service init

And start Vega Console interface:

vegawallet service run -p

Webbrowser should automatically open with tab on address localhost:1847
Let’s add our wallet we just created (follow arrow on screen):

2. Setting up console, add test tokens

Click LOCAL WALLET and enther wallet name you set earlier (“NodesGuru“), and password in the next field:

Now we will need test tokens to play with console trading. In order to get some tokens you will need MetaMask, Vega uses Ropsten Testnet.
Press Manage in accounts list:

Next – Deposit / Withdraw in one of tokens sections, f.e. BTC:

Then – Deposit:

To get Ropsten test Ether – click link (Arrow #1), paste your MetaMask ERC-20 address.
Then click Get tBTC to get tBTC (Arrow #2), you will need to confirm transaction in MetaMask – it should automatically set Ropsten network in the top of MetaMask popup, but double check if it is so:

If you succeeded in previous step, you will have some test tokens on MetaMask (in our example 1 Ropsten ETH and 10 tBTC).
We will need to deposit tBTC to Vega Console Account. Enter 10 in the field above Deposit button and click increase approved amount, confirm in MetaMask:

Once limit increased, press Deposit to transfer 10 tBTC from MetaMask to Vega:

When deposit will be completed, close accounts section of Vega by clicking top right corner of page and start playing and learning in Vega Console!