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Official guide available here.

1. Install

Use our script for a quick installation:

wget -q -O && chmod +x && sudo /bin/bash

Set a name for your node, a name for the wallet, and wait for the installation to complete. After that execute the following command:

source $HOME/.bash_profile

The installation will create two services:

  • umeed
  • gorc (bridge between Cosmos and Ethereum)

Service umeed should work correctly from the beginning, the service gorc will work only after you have completely finished all steps.

The script creates 2 keys for the bridge (gorc), their mnemonics are stored in the root folder (cd $HOME), you can access them with commands:

cat $HOME/umee_"$UMEE_WALLET"_cosmos_key.txt | head -n 1
cat $HOME/umee_"$UMEE_WALLET"_eth_key.txt | head -n 1

You can check the node logs with the command:

journalctl -u umeed -f

You can check the Orchestrator logs with the command:

journalctl -u gorc -f

2. Create a validator

Your node must be synchronized to perform further actions, you can check if the node is synchronized with the command:

curl -s localhost:26657/status | jq .result.sync_info.catching_up

If the result is false, then the node is synchronized (if the result is false too fast, check your current block height by the command curl -s localhost:26657/status).

2.1. Create a wallet

To create a wallet, use the command ($UMEE_WALLET – the name of the wallet, which you entered during installation, it is a variable, so change something yourself in the command is not necessary):

umeed keys add $UMEE_WALLET

Enter the password you want to set to access this wallet, press Enter.

As a result, the following window should appear (the data will be yours, save the bottom line – this is your mnemonic):


Copy the address (in this screenshot it is umee1w7dcdncmqn5y3e0s32k7634fwaevqnf0ntvc4j), we will need it for the next step.

2.2 Requesting the funds

To get the tokens we need to contact the faucet at Discord, follow the link and send to the channel #faucet a message with the format !faucet YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS

It should be like this (you have to give your own address):


Сheck the balance with the command:

umeed q bank balances YOUR_WALLET_ADDRESS

As a result, you should see a positive balance of uumee tokens.

2.3. Becoming a validator

At the moment the required minimum stake to become a validator is 4000 UMEE (4000000000UUMEE), the faucet gives 1000 UMEE per day, so it is impossible to be an active validator with this stake (this parameter will be zero).

We need to get the validator key, to do this run the command:

UMEE_VAL_CONS_KEY=$(umeed tendermint show-validator)

Check that our variable is not empty by running the command:


To become a validator run the command:

umeed tx staking create-validator \
--amount=90000000uumee \
--pubkey=$UMEE_VAL_CONS_KEY \
--moniker="$UMEE_NODENAME" \
--chain-id="$UMEE_CHAIN" \
--commission-rate="0.10" \
--commission-max-rate="0.20" \
--commission-max-change-rate="0.01" \
--min-self-delegation="1" \
--fees=200uumee \
--gas=auto \

Enter the password, confirm the transaction. Check if we have become the validator by the command:

curl -s localhost:26657/status | jq .result.validator_info.voting_power

The result must be greater than 0:


3. Set up orchestrator

It remains to bind all our keys, first we define them with the following commands:

VAL_ADDR=$(umeed keys show $UMEE_WALLET --bech val -a)
GORC_UMEE_KEY=$(cat $HOME/umee_"$UMEE_WALLET"_cosmos_key.txt | tail -1 | awk '{print $NF}')
GORC_ETH_KEY=$(gorc --config $HOME/gorc/config.toml keys eth show "$UMEE_WALLET"_eth)

Now we need to send some tokens to our umee orchestrator address, to do this run the command:

umeed tx bank send $UMEE_WALLET $GORC_UMEE_KEY 50000uumee --chain-id=$UMEE_CHAIN --fees=200uumee --gas=auto

Enter the password and wait for the transaction to complete.

It is necessary to send some eth to the Orchestrator Ethereum address for the orchestrator’s work, to do this, run the command:


You should see an Orchestrator Ethereum address to which you want to send some tokens on the Rinkeby network.
Rinkeby ETH Faucet –

Wait until ETH is in the wallet.

Update the signature with the following command:

GORC_ETH_SIG=$(gorc --config $HOME/gorc/config.toml sign-delegate-keys "$UMEE_WALLET"_eth $VAL_ADDR)

Set up the keys:

umeed tx gravity set-delegate-keys $VAL_ADDR $GORC_UMEE_KEY $GORC_ETH_KEY $GORC_ETH_SIG \
--chain-id="$UMEE_CHAIN" \
--from=$UMEE_WALLET \
--fees=1000uumee \

If you see an error in the output of this command like in the screenshot below, try to update the signatures with the command:

GORC_ETH_SIG=$(gorc --config $HOME/gorc/config.toml sign-delegate-keys "$UMEE_WALLET"_eth $VAL_ADDR)


The set-delegate-keys transaction should then work correctly.

Enter the password and wait for the transaction to complete. The result should be something like this:


Restart the orchestrator and look at the logs:

systemctl restart gorc
journalctl -u gorc -f

The logs should be something like this:


Congratulations, that’s the end of the installation.

4. Update

To update from umee-betanet-1 to umee-betanet-2, run the installation script, choose 2 – Update:

wget -q -O && chmod +x && sudo /bin/bash

After that execute the following command:

source $HOME/.bash_profile

Wait until the installation is complete, then follow all of the steps in this guide except 1 and 2.1.

5. Additional


umeed tx slashing unjail --chain-id $UMEE_CHAIN --from $UMEE_WALLET --gas=auto --fees=1000uumee

Withdraw rewards:

umeed tx distribution withdraw-all-rewards --from $UMEE_WALLET --fees=300uumee --chain-id $UMEE_CHAIN

Check balance:

umeed q bank balances ADDRESS

Check your balance:

umeed q bank balances $(umeed keys show $UMEE_WALLET -a)

Get your valoper address:

umeed keys show $UMEE_WALLET --bech val

Bond more tokens (if you want increase your validator stake you should bond more to your valoper address):

umeed tx staking delegate YOUR_VALOPER_ADDRESS AMOUNTuumee --gas auto --chain-id $UMEE_CHAIN --from $UMEE_WALLET --fees=1000uumee

Check your node status:

curl localhost:26657/status

List of active validators:

umeed q staking validators -o json --limit 200 | jq '.validators[] | select(.jailed==false)' | jq .description.moniker