Setup Guide

Note: In order to become an active validator, you need to have more ubbn tokens bonded than the last validator ordered by the tokens bonded (or the validator set to not be full) as well as have at least 1000000ubbn bonded.


Use our quick installation script, specify a name for your node, and wait for the installation to complete. Be sure to save the mnemonic of your wallet after installation:

Request tokens at the faucet. After full synchronization, check the balance, if everything is okay, proceed to create a validator.

You can also check your balance in our explorer.

Create a validator:


View logs

Restart node:

Check node indicators:

Find out if the node is synchronized, if the result is false – it means the node is synchronized

Find out your valoper address:

Delegate tokens (to increase your stake delegate to your valoper address):

Remove node:

Stuck? Ask!

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