How to delegate Solana tokens (SOL)?


You can stake your own tokens and locked reward tokens.

Validator address: xSGajeS6niLPNiHGJBuy3nzQVUfyEAQV1yydrg74u4v

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The full guide:

It is recommended to use solflare wallet as it supports stakes. We assume that you already have solflare wallet and some SOL tokens.

1. Go to

Screenshot 310

and click Access Web Wallet. Then click I Already Have a wallet

Screenshot 299

2. Paste your recovery phrase and click Continue. Create Password and click Continue.

Screenshot 301

4. Go to Staking tab

Screenshot 302

5. Go to Native SOL Staking and click Create Account

Screenshot 303

6. Enter desired amount to be staken and select NodesGuru from dropdown. Click Stake

Screenshot 304

7. Click Confirm

Screenshot 306

8. Your stake is activating now. It will be active at the next era. Era duration is ~ 3 days.

Screenshot 309

9. You can undelegate your stake any time you want. Use UNDELEGATE button for this. Undelegation also takes one era.

10. Rewards. Please take into account that If your tokens are locked, then your rewards are locked also for the same period. To check your rewards click on your staking account. Rewards are paid every era. These tockens are added to the stake. That means that your delegation increases every era.

Screenshot 308

NOTE: If you tokens are delegated already and you want to redelegate them, then: Click Undelegate on your Staking Account, wait once tokens undelegated (till the end of current era), then delegate them to the desired validator.

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