How to stake Quicksilver tokens (QCK)?


You can stake your own tokens and locked tokens.

Validator address: quickvaloper130l3edsv5t59zn53a60uyn29dlq73x2sratqc6

Link to the explorer  

The full guide:

1. Install the Keplr wallet

If you don't have the Keplr wallet - install them.

2. Connect wallet

Go to the staking portal and connect your wallet:

Quicksilver 1

Quicksilver 2

Quicksilver 3

Quicksilver 4

Quicksilver 5

Quicksilver 6

3. Delegate

Go to the validator page, press delegate and choose your own amount (we do not recommend delegate all of your tokens because of transaction fees):

Quicksilver 7

Quicksilver 8

Quicksilver 9

If everything was successful you should see the following:

Quicksilver 10


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