How to stake Nolus tokens (NLS)?


You can stake your own tokens and locked tokens.

Validator address: nolusvaloper1t2k2r4y9nl9cr5qa0xrzw8aaxz9dxl5prrx5zq

Link to the explorer  

The full guide:

1. Install the Keplr wallet

If you don't have the Keplr wallet - install them.

2. Delegate

Go to the staking portal, connect your wallet (click "delegate" and do the following) and choose your own amount (we do not recommend delegate all of your tokens because of transaction fees):

Nolus 1

Nolus 2

Nolus 3

Nolus 4

Nolus 5

Nolus 6

Go to the staking portal again and press the "delegate" button:

Nolus 7

Nolus 9

If everything was successful you should see the following:

Nolus 10

You can manage your delegation here:

Nolus 11

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