How to delegate Desmos tokens (DSM)?


You can stake your own tokens and locked tokens.

Validator address: desmosvaloper1cfwx90p24tjhjq3z8fq3rexz7v2qn7zmgztky7

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The full guide:

The current guide shows two options for the delegation:

  1. Forbole X (wallet created by Desmos Team)
  2. CLI (console app)

Choose the option you want.

Forbole X:

1. Install the wallet

Install the Forbole X extension your browser (only Chrome-based browsers are supported).

2. Initalization

After launching the extension for the first time you will be prompted to set a password, do it according to the extension's instructions.

3. Import/create a wallet

To import a wallet, select Import Wallet, and then select the recovery option you want.

Cl Ss K Am Mgf

I Hx Ef U0f Of

4. Delegation

To delegate your tokens to us, click on your wallet profile and select Delegate:

Jnk Rqd N Fhu

Enter the amount of money you want to delegate:

B7 pH Y3lt8b

Find our validator on the list, enter the amount for delegation again, confirm:

H2f U Xb Necb

Confirm the transaction by entering your password:

Brave 1xy W T15 Ta D

Brave Trgja Ng A8 D

Brave E Licir Gr F0

Now you can see in your wallet profile who you delegated to, and your rewards will be displayed in the extension:

Dn7t Qy B0 H5



1. Install Desmos

Follow the commands below to install:

apt update
apt install jq wget -y < "/dev/null"
chmod +x desmos-2.3.1-linux-amd64
mv desmos-2.3.1-linux-amd64 /usr/bin/desmos

2. Create a wallet

You need to restore the existing wallet (if you participated in the testnet) from the mnemonics you have. Execute the following commands:

desmos keys add $DESMOS_WALLET --recover

Enter the mnemonic, set the password to the wallet.

3. Delegation amount

You need to decide how many tokens you want to leave unbonded, to do this run the following commands (by default 1 DSM remains unbonded, this is enough for commissions):

DESMOS_AMOUNT=$(desmos q bank balances $(desmos keys show $DESMOS_WALLET -a) --node -o json | jq .balances[].amount | sed 's/\"//g')

Enter the password for the wallet you set earlier.


4. Delegation

Run the command below to delegate:

desmos tx staking delegate desmosvaloper1cfwx90p24tjhjq3z8fq3rexz7v2qn7zmgztky7 "$DESMOS_DELEGATE_AMOUNT"udsm --node --chain-id desmos-mainnet --from $DESMOS_WALLET --fees=200udsm -y


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