How to delegate Clover Tokens (CLV)?


You can stake your own tokens and locked reward tokens.

Commission = 5%

Validator name: Nodes.Guru

Validator addresses:

  1. 5ERRqKr7hWFJvCDvE9kso2amGfPfkgCvXxMwgg79as15LBag
  2. 5DsrQaMqegQci78rf8R66neiaiZ9y9hVfR9TL7efyGEAMFn1

Link to explorer

The full guide:

ATTENTION! The first 256 nominators receive a rewards. The list is compiled in order of bond size, so you must be on the list of active nominators to receive the rewards. You can see the list here. You need to open the list where the number (256 in this case) will be the list of active nominators, there is also a list below (which is highlighted in red) which is the list of inactive nominators.

Staking via CLV Wallet:


You need to have CLV wallet installed.

  1. Click on the bottom button on the left and select CLV M-Chain:

Clv 1

  1. Choose Stake:

Clv 2

  1. Click Start Staking:

Clv 3

  1. Input CLV amount:

Clv 4

  1. Select our validator (5DFixFEVY8Ts1izgcWV2HWExDamnomxTGRCHTJZgAPSRW9GC or 5DsrQaMqegQci78rf8R66neiaiZ9y9hVfR9TL7efyGEAMFn1 or 5ERRqKr7hWFJvCDvE9kso2amGfPfkgCvXxMwgg79as15LBag):

Clv 5

  1. Sign the transaction:

Clv 6

  1. Verify you are nominator now:

Clv 7

Staking via App:

First, we need to create an account in Clover App and send CLV tokens on it.

You can skip these steps and proceed with step 8. Create Nominator if you already have CLV Tokens in Clover app account.

  1. Go to accounts and click Add account:

Clover Desktop 1

  1. Copy seed phrase to a safe place, select the checkbox and click Next:

Clover Desktop 2

  1. Fill name and password and click Next:

Clover Desktop 3

  1. Click save:

Clover Desktop 4

  1. Your account has been successfully created. System downloaded json file with the account parameters. Save this file in a safe place.

  2. Transfer tokens from your reward or trading account to the created account. To copy the account address click on account logo):

Clover Desktop 5

  1. Wait for token receiving.

  2. Create Nominator. Go to Network/Staking:

Clover Desktop 6

  1. Go to Account actions and click +Stash:

Clover Desktop 7

  1. Fill the value bonded field with desired CLV amount and click Bond:

Pay attention to the possibility of choosing where the rewards will be - if you do not want to stake rewards, then choose another option.

Clover Desktop 8

  1. Unlock your account with password and click Sign and Submit.

  2. Click Nominate:

Clover Desktop 9

  1. Select NODES.GURU 3 (NODES.GURU 2 or NODES.GURU) from the validators list and click Nominate:

Clover Desktop 14

  1. Unlock your account with password and click Sign and Submit.

  2. Now you can see that tokens were successfully nominated. Nomination will have the waiting status for 1 Era:

Clover Desktop 11

  1. If you want to increase\decrease bonded value or change other bonding parameters (reward destination i.e.) click on 3 dots at the right corner:

Clover Desktop 12


If you want to restore your account from the mobile app to the desktop app and you get the wrong wallet address, choose ed25519 type when restoring:

Clover Desktop 13

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