Porta - Setup Guide

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1. Install

Use our script for a quick installation:

wget -q -O && chmod +x && sudo /bin/bash

Specify your node name and wait for the installation.

You can check the logs with the command:

journalctl -u portad -f

2. Creating a validator

2.1. Install Polkadot extenstion

To install, go to the website and download the version for your browser:


2.2. Creating an account

For convenience, instead of Controller and Stash accounts, we will create one account named my-stash (you can set up stash/controller/reward accounts manually if you want).

First, go to the website and allow access to the extension in the pop-up window:


We need to create an account, to do this, click Add account:


Then we enter the name of the wallet (in our case it is my-stash), save the mnemonic (produce check elder…), enter the password and click “Next”:



After that, confirm the creation of the account by clicking on Save and download the json file (the download will start automatically):


2.3. Requesting the funds

First, copy our account address by clicking on the wallet avatar:


We should now see our account in the list of accounts.

Request tokens for your account through the faucet.

Check your wallet, the tokens should appear on the account:


2.4 Staking

Now we need to staking our tokens, to do this, go to the tab Network -> Staking:


Now go to the Account actions tab and click on Stash:


The window for bonding will open, the value bonded will be set automatically, it is not recommended to bond the entire balance:


Approve the tx:


2.5. Session key

Now we need to enter the session key for our account, to do this on the server with the node run the following command:

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"id":1, "jsonrpc":"2.0", "method": "author_rotateKeys", "params":[]}' | jq .result | sed 's/"//g'

The output should looks like the following:


Copy this value (you can use double left mouse click for quick selection) by pressing Enter or by right-clicking the mouse.

Then go back to the site and click Session key:


In the opened window enter the key that we copied and click Set Session Key, confirm the tx. If successful, you output should looks like the following:


2.6. Connecting the validator

Click Validate:


Set the desired amount of commission, confirm the transaction. Now you should see approximately the following:


Now you should see like the following:


Congratulations, you are now a validator candidate (you can see your account in the Waiting tab)! To become a validator you need to wait for the next era (you can check your validator status here).
To receive validation rewards, complete the form.
Good luck!