Kroma - Setup Guide

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Official documentation available here.


To install you will need a private key from ETH wallet(it is recommended to create a new one) and Sepolia rpc endpoint. You can check and use one of the list of RPC endpoints: or you can also use Alchemy or Infura, etc.
Use our script for a quick installation:

wget -q -O && sudo chmod +x && sudo /bin/bash

Deposit into ValidatorPool. You must have more than one ETH token in your balance on the Sepolia testnet.

docker exec kroma-validator kroma-validator deposit --amount 1000000000000000000


Check logs:

cd $HOME/kroma-up/ && docker compose --profile validator logs -f --since 1m

Remove a Running Validator Node:

cd $HOME/kroma-up/ && docker compose --profile validator down -v

Sepolia explorer:
Kroma explorer:
Sepolia faucet links: