assetMantle - Setup Guide

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The active validator set is currently full.
The official documentation is available here.

Wallets are stored in --keyring-backend test, so if you will be sending transactions do not forget to add this flag or recover your wallet using mnemonic (command for mnemonic available below in this guide) by the following command (replace WALLET_NAME with your desired wallet name, can be any):

assetClient keys add WALLET_NAME --recover

1. Install

Use our script for a quick installation:

Due to the long installation time, you can want start the installation in screen by running the following commands (execute commands one-by-one):

screen -S assetMantle
wget -q -O && chmod +x && sudo ./

To exit screen press Ctrl + A, then D
If you need to connect to screen run the command:

screen -rd assetMantle
wget -q -O && chmod +x && sudo ./

Specify a name for your node, a name for your wallet, a password and wait for the installation to complete, then run the command:

source $HOME/.bash_profile

You can check the node logs with the command:

journalctl -u assetd -f

2. Additional


assetClient tx slashing unjail --chain-id $MANTLE_CHAIN --keyring-backend test --from $MANTLE_WALLET --fees 1100umantle

Withdraw rewards:

assetClient tx distribution withdraw-all-rewards --chain-id $MANTLE_CHAIN --keyring-backend test --from $MANTLE_WALLET --fees 1100umantle

Check balance:

assetClient q account ADDRESS

Check your balance:

assetClient q account $(assetClient keys show $MANTLE_WALLET --keyring-backend test -a)

Get your valoper address:

assetClient keys show $MANTLE_WALLET --keyring-backend test --bech val

Bond more tokens (if you want increase your validator stake you should bond more to your valoper address):

assetClient tx staking delegate YOUR_VALOPER_ADDRESS AMOUNTumantle --chain-id $MANTLE_CHAIN --keyring-backend test --from $MANTLE_WALLET --fees 1100umantle

Check your node status:

curl localhost:26657/status

List of active validators:

assetClient q staking validators -o json | jq -r '.[] | select(.status==2) | [.operator_address, .status, (.tokens|tonumber / pow(10; 6)), .description.moniker] | @csv' | column -t -s"," | sort -k3 -n -r | nl