Archway - Setup Guide

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This guide for the torii-1 network.


Use our script for a quick installation:

wget -q -O && chmod +x && sudo /bin/bash

Set a name for your node and wait for the installation to complete. After that execute the following command:

source $HOME/.bash_profile

Create a wallet, don’t forget to save the mnemonic.

archwayd keys add wallet

Get tokens in discord in the faucet section or here.
After full synchronization, check the balance, if everything is okay go to the next step.

archwayd q bank balances WALLET_ADDRESS

Create a validator:

archwayd tx staking create-validator \
--from wallet \
--amount 1000000utorii \
--min-self-delegation 1000000 \
--commission-rate 0.1 \
--commission-max-rate 0.2 \
--commission-max-change-rate 0.01 \
--pubkey $(archwayd tendermint show-validator) \
--chain-id=torii-1 \


You can check the node logs with the command:

journalctl -u archwayd -f

Restart node:

systemctl restart archwayd

Check your node status:

curl localhost:26657/status

Check node synchronization, if results false – node is synchronized

curl -s localhost:26657/status | jq .result.sync_info.catching_up

Get your valoper address:

archwayd keys show wallet --bech val -a

Bond more tokens (if you want increase your validator stake you should bond more to your valoper address):

archwayd tx staking delegate YOUR_VALOPER_ADDRESS 10000000utorii --from wallet --chain-id torii-1 --fees 5000utorii

Active validators list:

archwayd query staking validators --limit 2000 -o json | jq -r '.validators[] | select(.status=="BOND_STATUS_BONDED") | [.operator_address, .status, (.tokens|tonumber / pow(10; 6)), .description.moniker] | @csv' | column -t -s"," | sort -k3 -n -r

Inactive validators list:

archwayd query staking validators --limit 2000 -o json | jq -r '.validators[] | select(.status=="BOND_STATUS_UNBONDED") | [.operator_address, .status, (.tokens|tonumber / pow(10; 6)), .description.moniker] | @csv' | column -t -s"," | sort -k3 -n -r