Anoma - Setup Guide

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The official documentation is available here and here.

1. Install

Use our script for a quick installation:

wget -q -O && chmod +x && sudo /bin/bash

Wait for the installation to complete, then run the command:

source $HOME/.bash_profile

You can check the node logs with the following command:

journalctl -u anomad -f

2. Creating a key

Don’t forget to specify your values instead of YOUR_WALLET_NAME, YOUR_VALIDATOR_NAME and YOUR_ACCOUNT_ALIAS.

Generate a new key with the command:

anoma wallet key gen --alias YOUR_WALLET_NAME

After full synchronization, send a transaction to initialize the account:

anomac init-account --alias YOUR_ACCOUNT_ALIAS --public-key YOUR_WALLET_NAME --source YOUR_WALLET_NAME

3. Faucet

Request tokens from the faucet with the command:

anoma client transfer --source faucet --target YOUR_ACCOUNT_ALIAS --signer YOUR_ACCOUNT_ALIAS --token XAN --amount 1000

Verify your balance:

anoma client balance --token XAN --owner YOUR_ACCOUNT_ALIAS 

4. Creating a validator

This command will generate the keys needed to start the validator (you will need to enter a password):

anoma client init-validator --alias YOUR_VALIDATOR_NAME --source YOUR_ACCOUNT_ALIAS

After that we restart the node:

sudo systemctl restart anomad 

Now we delegate more tokens to our validator:

anoma client bond --source YOUR_ACCOUNT_ALIAS --validator YOUR_VALIDATOR_NAME --amount 950

You can check all delegations with the command:

anoma client bonds --owner YOUR_ACCOUNT_ALIAS 

5. Additional

Show all keys:

anoma wallet key list

Generate a new key:

anoma wallet key gen --alias YOUR_WALLET_NAME

List all known addresses:

anoma wallet address list

Create a new address:

anoma wallet address gen --alias YOUR_NEW_WALLET_ALIAS